TariffShark Tiger SP1 Now Available

TariffShark Tiger SP1 Now Available

Links Technology Solutions, Inc. is excited to announce the release of TariffShark Tiger SP1. This release is an update to the TariffShark Tiger eTariff software. If you are a user of TariffShark Tiger, you are entitled to this software update for no additional fees.

If you want to learn about the upgrade process and your quickest path to running the new software, please contact TariffShark Support.

If you’re not yet using TariffShark to meet your FERC eTariff obligations, we invite you to contact sales and ask for a demo of TariffShark Tiger today.

What’s New in the Update?


  • Performance improvements throughout, most notably
    • Running validations
    • Improved speed and robustness of interactions with Microsoft Word on the desktop
    • Improved speed and robustness of TRV Content Processing
    • TariffShark window closes much faster when leaving the application
    • Tariff Timeline
    • SmartBar rendering
    • Grid/table rendering
  • Validation F063 was changed from FAIL to WARNING
  • Enabled configuration of Publishing Options for Whole Documents at Tariff Record and TRV levels
  • Progress bar (e.g. when publishing) is more informative
  • Results from validation performed in Create XML wizard now include validation codes


  • Whole Document TRVs correctly participate in publishing and FERC Attachment content generation
  • Users and Logging In
    • Users may once again log in using their email addresses
    • Usernames may contain spaces (e.g. “Taylor Thomas”)
    • Usernames may begin with numeric digits (e.g. “3ldmt3k”)
  • Record FERC Order form no longer sets non-midnight FERC Effective Date values


  • Secure connection between TariffShark client and application server seek TLS 1.2 by default
  • Added support for SQL Server 2017
  • TariffShark Tiger desktop client can be installed silently