Month: December 2022

TariffShark Software Update Available

TariffShark Software Update Available

A TariffShark software update (release 5.1.5) is available NOW, primarily for minor FERC compliance reasons. Chief among the changes is the following.

  • Updated Tariff Record Version Versions to store values as high as 9999.9999.9999 (previously 9999.99.99) so long as the total number of digits doesn’t exceed 8
  • Removed the feature that submits XML to the FERC eTariff Sandbox (it’s no longer supported by FERC) and replaced it with instructions for manual Sandbox submission
  • Changed validation rule R011 from Warning to Fail in accordance with FERC’s November 17, 2022 notice in docket RM01-5-000

This update affects all TariffShark software components: database, application server, and desktop client. If you want to learn about the upgrade process and your quickest path to running the new software, please contact TariffShark Support.

If you’re not yet using TariffShark to meet your FERC eTariff obligations, we invite you to contact sales and ask for a demo of TariffShark Tiger today.