Why Is December 31, 9998 Significant to eTariff

The OSEC Implementation Guide for eTariff contains a somewhat odd rule about proposing effective dates for tariff records.  Under the heading “Tariff Record Proposed Effective Date”, it says…

“If the effective date is not known at the time of the filing, such as the effective date is contingent on FERC approval, the closing of a plant sale, etc., the date of 12/31/9998 must be used.”

One of the highest priority goals for TariffShark is ease of use.  To that end, if there is ever uncertainty around the proposed effective date for a Tariff Record Version, simply leave it blank in TariffShark.  TariffShark has your back; it understands the 12/31/9998 rule and will put the appropriate value in the XML for submission to FERC.  With TariffShark, you don’t have to know the 12/31/9998 rule.

An unknown effective date is a rather uncommon situation.  In order to help prevent data entry errors, TariffShark will generate a filing validation warning any time it encounters a blank proposed effective date.  If you have left a proposed effective date blank intentionally, simply disregard the warning.

As always, if you have questions or comments, you may post them below or contact TariffShark Support.