FERC Posts Updated Filing Types

On October 31, 2012, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a notice under docket RM01-5 entitled “NOTICE OF CHANGE OF ETARIFF TYPE OF FILING CODES”. The full text of the notice may be downloaded from eLibrary.  Below is a summary of the changes to eTariff filing types.

Filing Code: 1220
FERC Program:Power Administrations
Description:Rate Extensions
Changes:This new code will permit Federal Power Marketing Administrations to file for extensions of rates consistent with 10 CFR 903.23 (2012) of the Department of Energy’s regulations. Tariff records included in such filings will be automatically accepted to be effective on the proposed effective date without further Commission action. The effective date of the new Filing Code is November 18, 2012.

Impact to TariffShark

New TariffShark software releasesthat accommodate the FERC changes will be available soon. You are only affected by this notice if you file electronic Tariffs under FERC’s Power Administrations program.

Hosted Customers

If you are impacted by the new Filing Type and your TariffShark servers are hosted by us, we will see that you are running the latest FERC-compliant server software on or before November 18, 2012. The upgrade will be done during the regular maintenance window (weekdays after 7pm and before 7am…or on the weekend).

All software releases (current and past) are available on the Downloads page on the TariffShark website.

As always, if you have questions or comments, you may post them below or contact TariffShark Support.