TariffShark Grid Tip

Grids are used throughout TariffShark to display lists of data. With only a couple of exceptions, the data displayed in a grid cannot be updated in the grid. Therefore, in order to update a row in a grid, you must select the row and click a command in the SmartBar.

The grid that displays the FERC Attachments that belong to a Filing (Hammerhead version shown below) is perhaps a little confusing.

FERC Attachments in TariffShark Hammerhead

The column labeled “Waiver?” appears to have a checkbox that can be clicked in order to request a waiver of a particular attachment. Instead, the checkboxes aren’t clickable — they indicate whether or not a waiver has been requested by showing either an empty box or a checked box. Clicking the checkbox merely selects the row within the grid.

Note that prior versions of TariffShark did not display an empty checkbox when a waiver hadn’t been requested. Instead the column was left blank, as shown below.

FERC Attachments in TariffShark v1.1 and prior

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