Changing a Filing’s Type After It Has Been Submitted

Several months ago we posted a blog article that described how to change the Filing Type of a Filing, which is helpful for Filings that have not yet been submitted to the Commission.  But, what do you do if you submitted a Filing and FERC has instructed you to submit the Filing again under a different Type of Filing?

The first thing you need to understand is that once a Filing has been submitted to FERC and accepted by FERC, it cannot be changed and submitted again.  This means that in order to “change” the Type of Filing, you actually need to make two additional Filings. The first of these is a Filing to withdraw the incorrect Filing and the second is a Filing with the correct Filing Type.

Preparing a Filing’s Tariff Record Versions’ (TRVs’) marked content and clean content for submission to FERC can take a fair amount of work.  It would be a shame to have to repeat that work simply because a Filing needs to be resubmitted with a different Filing Type.  By following the steps below, the replacement Filing can have all of the same content as the original Filing.  For each TRV in the original Filing…

  1. Open the Filing Details screen for the original Filing.
  2. On the “Tariff Record Versions” tab, select a TRV.
  3. Click the “Download Content” command in the SmartBar.  On the resulting form, download the TRV’s “Marked Document” and save the file somewhere temporarily (such as your desktop).
  4. Create a TRV for the replacement Filing.
    1. We recommend incrementing the Version by 1.  For example, if the TRV in
      the original Filing was Version 2.0.0, use Version 3.0.0 for the new
    2. On the Create Tariff Record Version form, place the new TRV into the replacement Filing.
  5. Open the Filing Details screen for the replacement Filing.
  6. On the “Tariff Record Versions” tab, select the TRV that was created in step 4 above.
  7. Click the “Build Content” command in the SmartBar.
    1. When the Build Content wizard asks “How would you like to build the content?” select the “Import Microsoft Word document” option.
    2. On the wizard next step, when prompted to “Select Microsoft Word file to import:”, select the file saved in step 3 above.
    3. Finish the wizard.
  8. TariffShark will open Microsoft Word with the content of the file selected in step 7b above.  Close Word and save the document when prompted.

Simply repeat this process for every TRV in the original Filing and the TRVs in the replacement Filing will have identical content.

If you have questions about this article, we’d love to hear from you.  Please comment below or contact TariffShark Support.