TariffShark Hosted Services Update

TariffShark has been offered with a hosted subscription service option since FERC Order 714 took effect in April 2010. In Q1 2014, all hosting servers were upgraded.

Why Did We Upgrade Servers?

We upgrade servers from time to time to keep things running optimally. The fact is, our customers been making eTariff filings and the amount of data being stored has increased. Also, business is good: the number of customers supported by the servers has grown nicely. So, to keep up with the resource demand, the servers have been configured to run with faster processors, more memory, and more storage.

Disaster Recovery Update

Also in the first quarter of this year, we updated our disaster recovery procedures. Through the power of scripting, recovering from a potential disaster will be done with greater automation than in the past. Fewer manual steps means greater efficiency and speed in the event of a disaster. In the latest test of our disaster recovery procedures, a test server was booted in our DR data center, all data restored, and back online in under an hour.

If you’d like to learn more about Hosted TariffShark, please visit our website or contact sales.