New Release Nomenclature Adopted

Because TariffShark consists of database, application server, and desktop client components and each can have different version numbers, we have adopted a new way of talking about TariffShark releases.  For example, if you are running what was previously known as TariffShark v1.1, your database is version “8”, your application server is “v1.1.0”, and the desktop client is “v1.1.8”.  That’s three different version numbers that comprise the same software release.

In an effort to simplify, every TariffShark release will be known by a Release number.  For example, the mix of version numbers above is now known as TariffShark Release 2.0 (as it was the second software release).

Visit our Releases page for the full list of software releases.  Questions or comments?  Please post them below or contact TariffShark Support.