TariffShark Release 3.0 Now Available

TariffShark Release 3.0 (previously v1.1.172) is a FERC-compliance maintenance release.  The changes are intended to help tariff filers in selecting the proper Filing Type for their particular filing scenarios.  The list below outlines the changes in TariffShark Release 3.0.

  1. In January 2011, an update was posted to the FERC eTariff web page that made available a revised Type of Filing CSV file. The only change was in the description for Type Of Filing Codes 1120 and 1150 from “Market-Based Rate Request and Triennial Review” to “Market-Based Rate Triennial Review” in order to make clear that these filing codes should not be used for initial requests for market based rates.  The new descriptions became effective on January 24, 2011.  Note that codes 1120 and 1150 are electric industry codes, so members of the gas and oil industries are unaffected.
  2. In April 2011, FERC once again updated the Type of Filing CSV file, this time adding the FERC regulatory citation for most types of filings. TariffShark displays the citation in the Filing Type drop-down list field on the Create Filing form.  (Sample shown below; note highlighted area.)

Though this release of TariffShark was brought about by changes initiated by FERC, it is not a mandatory update.  The changes merely make it easier to select an appropriate filing type when preparing to make an eTariff filing.  If you are still running TariffShark  Release 1.0 (previously v1.0), however, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to the newest release.

If you have questions or comments, please post them below or contact TariffShark Support.