FERC Filing Types Updated

On Monday, April 18, 2011, FERC posted an updated definition of eTariff filing types (http://www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/etariff/filing_type.csv).  Per the January 2011 eTariff technical conference (check out our recap), FERC has added a citation column to the list of filing types in order to aid tariff filers in submitting the proper type of filing for their particular filing scenario.

In keeping with FERC’s goal, we are working on a software update to TariffShark Release 2.0 (previously v1.1) that will display citation references.  In this update, TariffShark’s Create Filing form will add citation to the list of Filing Types (as shown below).


In addition, the next major release (TariffShark 2.0) will include a feature that allows you to view your company’s available Filing Types at any time.

[Update: May 12, 2011] TariffShark Release 3.0 (previously v1.1.172) has been released and includes the added function described above.