TariffShark 2.0

Work has begun on TariffShark 2.0.  We are currently in the planning stage.  By the end of the stage, we will have determined the changes that will be made to TariffShark and the features that will be added…and this will enable us to estimate an availability date.

What’s Being Considered for 2.0?

Since TariffShark first shipped in March 2010, we have received a lot of feedback — all of which could potentially influence 2.0.  So, where has this feedback been coming from?

  • customer support calls
  • FERC eTariff communication
  • summer 2010 online customer survey
  • customer email and phone calls

In addition, we visited a number of customers last month.  We discussed their experiences with TariffShark, listened to their suggestions, and reviewed a list of potential 2.0 items to gain their feedback.

How Can I Help?

Do you have experiences or ideas to share?  We would love to hear them.  Use the form below to provide your comments and a public discussion could ensue.  Or, send an email to support@tariffshark.com with the subject line “v2.0”.