FERC Issues Energy Infrastructure Update for November 2019

FERC Issues Energy Infrastructure Update for November 2019

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued its regular Energy Infrastructure Update for November 2019. This update covers the news and highlights for energy around the country, in gas, hydropower, and electric generation.

In November, one new natural gas pipeline was placed into service, bringing the year’s total up to 10, compared to 21 in 2018. Two pipelines were certified in November, bringing the year’s total up to 30, compared to 46 in 2018. There was nothing new for storage facilities in November. Two new LNG export facilities were placed into service, and another four import/exports were certified, bringing the year’s totals up to seven and 11, respectively; in 2018, there was only one of each.

There were no hydropower project activities in the month of November.

The electric generation highlights detailed the new and expanded units in November, along with year-to-date totals, and a comparison of this period in 2018. There was relatively little in this area in November. Only one new wind power unit was placed in service, which brings the total for the year up to 35, compared to 47 in 2018. Solar power had 13 units added, bringing the year’s total up to 364, compared to 514 in 2018.

There were a number of proposed additions and retirements of generation units in November, all planned to occur by November 2022. Coal had one proposed addition and 50 retirements. Natural gas had 213 additions, 98 of which are currently under construction, and 76 retirements. Nuclear power had seven additions, two are under construction, and six retirements. Oil had 11 additions, one is under construction, and 15 retirements. Hydropower had 241 additions, 95 are under construction, and 12 retirements. Wind power had 512 additions, 184 are under construction, and three retirements. Biomass had 51 additions, 21 are under construction, and 28 retirements. Geothermal steam had 12 proposed additions, four are in construction now, and no retirements. Solar power had the most proposed additions at 2,732, with 673 under construction; there were no proposed retirements for solar power.

For electric transmissions, in the ≤230 voltage range, six miles of line completed in November, compared to 49.7 the previous year. This brings the total for the year up to 190.6 miles, compared to 521.5 in 2018. There are another 533.8 miles planned to be added by December 2021. There was nothing new in the 345-voltage range or the 500-voltage range in November. There are a planned 637.5 miles for the 345-voltage, and 670 for the 500-voltage range.