Resolving Failed TRV Document Processing

From time to time, TariffShark may struggle to process a Tariff Record Version (TRV) document. When a TRV has failed document processing, the Failed Processing tab on the Dashboard will appear pinkish.

The rightmost column, titled Action in the image above, contains two buttons, Requeue and View, that can help you to complete processing of the TRV document.

Requeue Button

Click the Requeue button to resubmit the TRV for document processing. This action essentially moves the TRV from the Dashboard’s Failed Processing tab over to its Processing Queue tab. If TariffShark is still unable to process the TRV’s content, it will turn up on the Failed Processing tab once again. If this happens, try the View button (described below).

View Button

Click the View button to open the marked content of the TRV that failed processing. The document will open in Microsoft Word.

TariffShark is often unable to process documents that contain section breaks. If your document contains section breaks, follow these steps to resolve:

  1. Using Microsoft Word, find and remove all section breaks (often times it’s best to replace them with page breaks).
  2. Save the document to your computer or network.
  3. Use the Build Content command for the TRV in TariffShark to import the document that you saved in the prior step.

If TariffShark still cannot process the document, let the TariffShark Support team help. If the TRV’s content isn’t confidential, please share the document with Support. To do so, click the View button in TariffShark’s Dashboard, save the document, and send it to support.