How to Prepare a Withdrawal Filing

After submitting an eTariff filing and before FERC takes action on it, you may withdraw the entire proceeding by submitting a withdrawal-type filing. In this article I will describe the characteristics a withdrawal-type filing and outline the steps to take in TariffShark in order to prepare one.

Withdrawal-Type Filing Characteristics

The purpose of a withdrawal-type filing is to withdraw an entire proceeding before FERC has taken action on it. In order to indicate to the Commission which proceeding is being withdrawn, a withdrawal-type filing must be associated with an earlier, already-submitted eTariff filing. Also, a withdrawal-type filing does not propose changes to tariff language, therefore, it will never contain Tariff Record Versions or FTRVs. Finally, like all other eTariff filing types, a withdrawal-type filing must include a Transmittal Letter which describes the nature of the submittal.

How to Prepare a Withdrawal-Type Filing

Follow the steps below to prepare a withdrawal-type filing. The list is intentionally brief and does not go into great detail. If you have questions about the procedure, contact TariffShark Support.

  1. Create a withdrawal-type filing. The type of filing code to use depends on the FERC Program to which your company belongs. At the time of this writing, these are the FERC Programs and withdrawal-type filing codes.

    Federal Power Act Electric (Market Based Rate) Public Utilities

    100 Withdraw Entire Proceeding

    Federal Power Act Electric (Traditional Cost of Service and Market Based Rates) Public Utilities

    90 Withdraw Entire Proceeding
    1060 Non-Jurisdictional Withdraw

    NGA Gas Pipelines

    590 Withdraw

    NGPA 311 Gas Pipelines

    810 Withdrawal of entire filing

    Oil Pipelines

    900 Withdraw of Pending/Non-effective Tariff

    Power Administrations

    110 Withdraw Non-Jurisdictional Filings
    470 Withdraw (All PMA EFs)

  1. On the Update Filing window, enter the Validation Email address. For the Associated Filing field, click the ellipsis button and select the already-submitted filing you propose to withdraw.
  1. On the Filing Details window, on the FERC Attachments tab, update the Transmittal Letter attachment by uploading your transmittal letter.

At this point, the filing is ready to go. You may wish to Validate it in TariffShark before downloading the XML and submitting the filing.