TariffShark Software Update Available

For our enterprise TariffShark customers, TariffShark Releases 3.5 and 4.0.3 are available NOW on TariffShark.com.

Hosted customers, your hosted servers will be updated prior to the December 23, 2013 effective date of the Filing Type changes.

Background and Details

FERC recently updated their eTariff Filing Type definitions. The November 26, 2013 FERC notice identifies changes to filing types that affect Oil Pipelines and nominally affect the Part 284 program. Today we are announcing the availability of TariffShark software releases that accommodate these changes. Updated software, upgrade guides, and installation instructions are available NOW on the TariffShark website.

Note that only the following FERC programs are affected:

  • NGPA 311 Gas Pipelines¬†
  • Oil Pipelines

If you are already running a recent TariffShark release (R3.3, R3.4, R4.0.1, or R4.0.2), only the TariffShark database is affected by this update. Simply download and run the database installer in order to bring your TariffShark installation up to the latest release.

If you are running a TariffShark release older than R3.3 or R4.0.1, there is a free upgrade path. Consult the Releases page on the TariffShark website for more information.

Please contact TariffShark Support at 847-252-1611 or at support@tariffshark.com if you have any questions or concerns.