Cancelling a Tariff Database (or FERC Tariff Id) in TariffShark Hammerhead

An FAQ article is provided on the TariffShark website that answers the question “How do I cancel an entire Tariff Database?” It answers this question for pre-Hammerhead TariffShark versions in the 1.x range. If you’re running TariffShark Hammerhead and you’d like to know how to cancel a Tariff Database, keep reading.

In order to cancel an entire Tariff Database, you must submit a CANCEL-type Filing. At time of this writing, the following filing types are classified as CANCEL-type Filings:

Follow these steps in TariffShark Hammerhead to prepare a CANCEL-type Filing:

  1. Create a cancellation-type Filing and supply the standard Filing metadata. There are no special requirements regarding TariffShark’s Filing data fields.
  2. Create a TRV for one of the Tariff Records in the Tariff Database and place it into the Filing created in the prior step. For the Proposed Effective, enter the date on which you wish to cancel the Tariff Database. It doesn’t much matter under which Tariff Record the TRV is created.
  3. From an eTariff validation perspective, you may or may not provide content for the TRV created in the prior step. However, from an industry regulations perspective, content may be required.
  4. Create a transmittal letter and attach it to the Filing as a FERC Attachment in TariffShark. Provide other FERC Attachments as required or desired just as you would for any other eTariff Filing.
  5. Validate the Filing and then generate and download the XML. You’re ready to submit the Filing to FERC.
As always, if you have questions or comments, you may post them below or contact TariffShark Support.