Changing a Filing’s Type

One of the questions most frequently asked of the TariffShark support team is how to change the Filing Type of a Filing.  The short answer is that once a Filing has been created in TariffShark, its Filing Type cannot be changed.  This may sound like the worst possible answer, but the news isn’t all bad.  Follow the steps outlined below and you’ll be up and running with a new Filing of the correct Filing Type in short order.

You’ll need to create a new Filing with the correct Filing Type and move all of the content from the incorrect Filing over to the new one…and also delete the incorrect Filing.

  1. Create a new Filing of the correct Filing Type.
  2. Deleting a Filing will also delete its FERC Attachments and Filing Cabinet items.  Therefore, save these to your desktop or network before deleting the incorrect Filing.
  3. Delete the incorrect Filing.  This also deletes its Filed Tariff Record Versions (FTRVs), but not the underlying Tariff Record Versions (TRVs).  Therefore, you have not lost any of the changes you’ve made to the content of your Tariffs.
  4. Using the TariffShark commands provided for this purpose, recreate all of the FERC Attachments and Filing Cabinet Items in the new Filing and upload the content saved in step 2 above.
  5. Add the TRVs that used to be in the old Filing to the new one.  You can do this en masse by bringing up the Filing Details and clicking the “Add Tariff Record Versions” command in the SmartBar.

Step 5 uses a little-known command that can save a lot of time.  For Filings with many tariff changes affecting many tariff records, using the “Add Tariff Record Versions” command means that the TRVs don’t have to be added to the new Filing one at a time.